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[curiosita] Yamaha TDR 250 Suzuki RG 500 sicuramente un mostro..

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  • [curiosita] Yamaha TDR 250 Suzuki RG 500 sicuramente un mostro..

    Yamaha TDR 250 Suzuki RG 500 rg500 SUPERMOTO | eBay

    Yamaha TDR 250 Suzuki RG 500 rg500 SUPERMOTO


    After much deliberation I have finallydecided to sell my pride and joy it took me a good few years to gether to where she is now and I have had 4 years trouble free biking since thenincluding 2 trips to the TT and one to the Northwest 200

    I have owned the original TDRsince the late 1990's and always fancied one with more poke I builtone

    Yes the add is correct it she is a TDR500 (well 565cc actually) the engine is an RG 500 board out to 565ccand race tuned by Bob Fanham (a two stroke wizard)

    The frame is a one off designed aroundthe engine but I wanted to maintain the original TDR look and itobviously needed to be stronger, I adjusted the rake and trail angle slightlyto make sure she would handle.

    The expansions are based onSwabrick dimensions I made them from one of his loose kits again to matchthe original look, they are race cans but not stupidly loud so noproblem with the MOT , not sure about the swing arm I found it in a secondhand shop and it was the size I needed , I think it is of a reverse cylinder TZR
    Suspension is Ducati based but Iextended the front forks by 75 mm to maintain the TDR style geometry the wheelsare Dymags with carbon fibre rims these were fully reconditioned by Dymag justbefore I bought them .

    The belly pan doubles as a reserve fueltank to give a reasonable range, the graphics were drawn up by me and cutlocally so their unique the number one being a bit of a tip of the cap to KennyRoberts two stroke flat track monster.

    I frequently get asked what?s she like to ride:

    Never fails to put a fat smile on myface she is obviously very fast if you know two strokes and especially RG?s thenyou know what I am talking about, my riding buddies both have fire blades andshe holds her own on the big roads and there?s but no competition when theroads get a bit twisty as that?s where this bike really shines.
    But obviously being a race tuned RG youhave to accept that the real fun is above 7500 RPM and then it just carries on shewill bumble around town merrily but you just have to adapt you riding style abit ( RGs were not very good below 3000rpm anyway).

    She handles very well I think anyway but she is a lively lady don?t expect it to be like a modern blade or R1 she isfrom back in the day.

    I have changed the tax class so it?s allcorrect and shows as being a 499cc on the Reg doc I still need to change the colouras it still says blue (the original when I first had it) I tried to change thecolour and add the RG engine number but I received a letter from the DVLAsaying I had to get an AA man or a policeman to verify the engine number bylooking at the bike!!

    dano su eba

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